The 2014 BMW M4

January 15 2014

The BMW 3 Series coupe is one of the best-looking BMWs money can buy.

For 2014 however, BMW will no longer call the coupe version the "3 Series". Instead, the new 3 Series coupe will be called the "4 Series", and the new M version will be called the M4.

Why change the name after so long you ask?

BMW is trying to re-brand itself and also plans on expanding the 3 Series line-up with a GT version, an estate, and a Gran Coupe.

Simply put, the 3 Series will be the 4-door version and the 4 series will be the 2 door version.

The M4 will take-off from where the last M3 left off. The concept shown in the video below looks quite stunning but we'll have to wait and see in 2014 if the M4 is the ultimate driving machine.