Ferrari Takes The Top Off: 458 Spider

January 15 2014

Many people would agree that the Ferrari 458 Italia is probably the best car to drive. This year, the folks at Ferrari decided to take it a step further and took the top off the beautiful beast. Powered by the same high revving 570hp 4.5L V8 found in the Italia and with a top speed of 198mph, the new 458 Spider now features a hardtop roof that can disappear or reappear in 14 seconds. Wondering if losing its roof negatively effects the 458? According to Ferrari, the Spider is only half a second slower than the coupe. But hey! you do get to enjoy the breeze during the summer and get to hear that amazing exhaust note even more with the roof off. Ok so how much? $257,000 base - go get your lottery tickets now! or at least keep revisiting this post over and over again!