URWERK Presents The EMC Watch

January 19 2014

URWERK has unveiled “the world’s first precision mechanical watch in which the timing can be both monitored and adjusted by users to suit their lifestyle”. It’s called the Electro Mechanical Control or EMC watch.

What makes it special?

Watches aren’t 100% accurate. They usually need to be tuned every few years using expensive timing machines such as Witschi machines. The EMC watch however, allows you to fine tune the watch yourself for better accuracy and also features a built in tool which measures how accurate it is.

It’s the first of its kind, making it one of the world’s most unique and innovative watches. Aesthetic wise, the watch features four dials showing the seconds, hours and minutes, 80 hour power reserve indicator, and a +20, -20 seconds precision dial indicator which shows its gain or loss in seconds a day. On the side, you’ll also find the winding handle attached to the case. Turning it over reveals the mechanical movement of the watch. And yes, the watch does have an electronic component which assists in bringing you all the brilliant features.