MTailor: Get Yourself A Custom Tailored Shirt For $69

August 26, 2014

Need a custom-fit tailored shirt? Well now, there’s an app for that!

If you need to look good but don’t have the time to go to the tailor, the MTailor app is for you. The Y Combinator backed app allows users to order custom tailored shirts right from their mobile device.

How is it a “custom tailored” shirt?

Using the front facing camera and sensors on your phone, the MTailor app can perform accurate measurements of your figure and send them to the company. The process is very simple. The user simply places their phone down, stands far enough away to fit inside the camera and spins once. After that, the app does the rest.

How accurate is it?

The measurement process takes approximately 5 minutes. Tests have shown that measurements are almost 20% more accurate than a real-life tailor.

MTailor currently offers over 10,000 combinations of shirts at the moment and plans to expand into making suits and pants as well.

Save time, accurate, and affordable! Is MTailor the future of shopping? Check out the MTailor app available for download in the App Store