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Dec 12, 2012

Blackberry 10 L-Series Handset Images Leaked

As we approach closer and closer to the Blackberry 10 launch date, more information continues to surface day by day.

Latest on the news is leaked images of the upcoming Blackberry 10 L-Series handset. The folks at (a reliable Vietnamese source) got their hands on the upcoming BB10 phone early and uploaded a few videos and images of it.

The leaked images shown below reveal that the L-Series BB10 handset will feature a removable back plate with a cool feel to it, an 1800mAh battery pack which will provide a longer battery life than the current Blackberry smartphones, a front facing camera for those who like taking selfies and video calling, and most noticeably, the L-Series will be all touch.

Internal features are not known at the moment but from the exterior looks of this phone, one can conclude that the next generation Blackberry phones are going to be very sleek.

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